Monday, 30 January 2012

A Bit of something personal...

But its not really that interesting :P
Over christmas, I became the typical skint art student, and decided to hand craft some of the presents to help with costs and make things a little more personal.  Here is something I made for my boyfriends sister Rachel, who likes dragonflies, the colour purple and russian nesting dolls.   Hope you like!

Apologies that the photography isn't the best (crappy camera!!! needs replacing *glares at camera* if anyone has any money spare......)

Just finished working on something new, a present for someones birthday :) 'Fraid I can't post that yet though, as they may happen to see it *looks all mysterious and sneaky* So more on that one next weekl! Have a fantastic week people! Thanks for looking!

Goodbye Mr Parcel!

Scary Times for my artwork: Wish him luck!

This is my entry for the East Midlands health competition, going into that big ole scary world to be seen for the very first time *terrified face*.
Well, at least I got an email from the lady running it to say he got there all safe and sound (and not in a million zillion pieces)

So for now, I am moving onto other projects (dissertation all finsihed, just awaiting printing)

So goodbye, you will be missed mr parcel.!!!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

East Midlands Health

Apologies for the lack of regular blogging, it is a habit i really need to start getting into...

But hey-ho, here is another piece for you guys to look at ( and hopefully enjoy)  Currently working on 3 other competitions and my negotiated project.  Good news is that the dissertation is all finished though, and just in need of a good print!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New stuff for Uni

Apologies for the long delay: christmas has a way of making time disappear.  But here are 2 projects (both in progress) for your enjoyment and comment :)
 East Midlands health competition.

Merz Fairy Tales negotiated project