Thursday, 20 October 2011

Why Small Victories Matter: An Advertising Brief

Why Small Victories Matter
Brush Pens and Fine liners
This is a rough for an advertising brief.  The article it relates to is about how small victories help keep employees happy within a company, when compared to one large goal.  Breaking obstacles down into smaller and more manageable parts help to keep workers enthusiastic.  The article continues to explain how these techniques can be used in day to day life.  
I have tried to capture the spirit of the article (Hope I have managed to do so) with looking at important aspects of modern business life, such as profits, recycling and the carbon footprint, as many companies are trying to become more environmentally friendly. Hope you like!


  1. footprint difficult to read .. suggestion . might be better to use an existing font for the £ sign something like Ariel Black? even if you just trace it accurately

  2. Thanks Brian :) I have made the changes and going to upload a new version in a few minutes. Thanks for your help :)