Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New Beginnings!

Why Hello there!  I know it has been a while since I have used this account, but I am going to get better at using it! I use so many different forms of social media that I sometimes forget that I have a blogger!

Well, what's happened you may ask.  I have completed a fabulous course @The Hive, Mansfield, and I am currently setting up as a small business!  I have a new website at with a list of my products and services!

I have been completing commissions and logo designs for local companies, and I am now in talks with a few different authors to produce some childrens books!  OH! and i am doing wedding designs! Crazy right?
Well, now I am off to do more creative things, so keep an eye out!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Storm In A Teacup

'A Storm In A Teacup'

Based on the phrase of the same name.

I decided to concentrate on creating a unique and intricate font, as it is something I'm a Little less practised on.  Overall, I think it worked out well :)

Burning Love

'Burning Love'

Based on the phrase 'My Love For You Burns Stronger Than The Brightest Star'

This was the first step in a new direction for  my work.  I concentrated alot more on coordinating the colours and creating an overall theme and aesthetic.  

Her Ideas Began To Bear Fruit

'Her Ideas Began To Bear Fruit'

This started up as a random doodle at work, and ended up morphing into this :)
I wanted to look at taking different idioms, clich├ęs  metaphors and similes and illustrating them with a literal interpretation.

I decided to make the idea into a stylised tree, with each bud being represented by light bulbs.  I decided to have her harvesting the ideas, and placing them into the basket at the bottom of the image.  

Monday, 7 January 2013

Tshirt Design

Well, it has been a very busy few months, but I finally have a studio space all ready and set up for production!

Recently, I have been venturing into the world of T-Shirt and Jumper design ( As I supposed you guessed by the title.

Here are some of the pieces I have produced so far (with many more ideas still in the designing stage!)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Monster Mash Competition

Hi, This is my new design for the Monster Mash competition. In total, i can send three different designs, so might take advantage of that fact and make a few more :)

but for now, here is my design, I hope you like it!